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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2016

Set nearly a decade after the finale of the original series, this revival follows Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore through four seasons of change.

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Stars: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson

7.5 IMDB Rating 9,642 Views
Girlboss 2017

Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story...

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Stars: Britt Robertson, Ellie Reed, Johnny Simmons

7.0 IMDB Rating 9,179 Views
All Your Faces 2023

Since 2014, in France, Restorative Justice has offered victims and perpetrators of offences the opportunity to dialogue through secure systems, supervised by professionals and volunteers such as Judith, Fanny or Michel. Nassim, Is...

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Stars: Birane Ba, Leïla Bekhti, Anne Benoît

7.9 IMDB Rating 182 Views
The White Princess 2017

Based on the Philippa Gregory book of the same name, the story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter, and her marriage to the Lancaster victor, Henry VII.

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Stars: Jodie Comer, Rebecca Benson, Jacob Collins-Levy

7.5 IMDB Rating 14,231 Views
Most Likely to Die 2015

A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion, and one by one, they are brutally slain in a manner befitting each's senior yearbook superlative.

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Stars: Chad Addison, Jake Busey, Tess Christiansen

4.0 IMDB Rating 3,340 Views
Pentagram 2019

A group of teenagers must somehow survive the night when they find themselves trapped within a pentagram. To stay inside the candlelit confines means safety; to escape means certain death at the hands of a mysterious entity.

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Stars: Chloe Farnworth, Michael McKell, Nicholas Ball

Baskets 2016–2019

After failing at a prestigious French clowning college, Chip Baskets looks to keep his dream of becoming a professional clown alive.

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Stars: Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly, Louie Anderson

7.6 IMDB Rating 22,860 Views
Vampyres 2015

Deep in the rural English countryside, two tempting daughters of Erebus, the woeful wraith-like phantoms Fran and Miriam, prey on the innocent and the foolishly brave to tread alone.

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Stars: Marta Flich, Almudena León, Alina Nastase

3.2 IMDB Rating 3,135 Views
Ross Kemp: Extreme World 2011–

The investigative documentary sees Ross Kemp travel to extreme parts of the world to explore how conflicts and hardship have afflicted the locals.

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Stars: Ross Kemp, Steve Cyr, Greg Scott

8.3 IMDB Rating 8,924 Views
One Missed Call 3 : Final 2006

The timid, young Asuka is bullied by her classmates. When they embark on a class field trip to Korea, Asuka plans revenge by sending them a cursed phone message they can either pass on or die.

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Stars: Maki Horikita, Meisa Kuroki, Keun-Suk Jang

4.9 IMDB Rating 58 Views
Disciples 2014

A dark twisted apocalyptic shocker about a group of humans and demons who must band together to fight for the fate of humanity. When an ancient prophecy unleashes an evil spirit, hell is brought upon the world.

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Stars: Tom Lodewyck, Tony Todd, Linnea Quigley

2.3 IMDB Rating 2,503 Views
Ingobernable 2017–

The first lady of Mexico is a woman of conviction and ideals. But when she loses faith in her husband, she'll need all her strength to uncover the truth.

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Stars: Kate del Castillo, Leah Allers, Eréndira Ibarra

7.0 IMDB Rating 12,781 Views
Sextuplets 2019

Father-to-be Alan is shocked to learn that he was born a sextuplet. He and his newfound brother Russell set out on a hilarious journey to reunite with their other long-lost siblings.

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Stars: Marlon Wayans, Bresha Webb, Michael Ian Black

4.5 IMDB Rating 4,664 Views
Burn 2019

When a gas station is held up at gunpoint by a desperate man in need of cash, a lonely and unstable gas station attendant, tired of being overshadowed by her more outgoing co-worker, finds an opportunity to make a connection with ...

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Stars: Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Josh Hutcherson, Suki Waterhouse

5.7 IMDB Rating 3,324 Views
Victim/Suspect 2023

Young women tell the police they've been sexually assaulted, but instead of finding justice, they're charged with the crime of making a false report, arrested, and even imprisoned by the system they believed would protect them

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Stars: Rachel de Leon, Amanda Pike

Nana’s Secret Recipe 2020

Five longtime girlfriends get into the edibles business selling pot desserts after they all lose their retirement savings in a Ponzi scheme.

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Stars: Linda Bradshaw, Nancy L. Gray, Cinda Donovan

5.6 IMDB Rating 191 Views
The Son 2017–2019

A multi-generational epic telling of the story of America's birth as a superpower through the bloody rise and fall of one Texas oil empire.

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Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Jacob Lofland, Henry Garrett

7.4 IMDB Rating 20,992 Views
Your Friends And Neighbors 1998

Unhappy couples fall apart and hop into other beds with other people.

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Stars: Amy Brenneman, Aaron Eckhart, Ben Stiller

6.3 IMDB Rating 124 Views
Charlies Farm 2014

In an effort to do something different, four friends head into Australia's outback to explore Charlie's Farm, the site where a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, they persist in their horror-seeking adventure.

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Stars: Tara Reid,Nathan Jones,Kane Hodder,Bill Moseley

4.5 IMDB Rating 3,138 Views
Marco Polo 2014–2016

In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, "Marco Polo" is based on the famed explorer's adventures in Kublai Khan's court in 13th century Mongolia.

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Stars: Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong, Joan Chen

8.0 IMDB Rating 21,902 Views