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Oskulden från Mölle 1977

A farce by Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach in translation and processing of Nils Poppe and Arne Wahlberg, a performance from the Fredriksdalsteatern in Helsingborg, sweden. Before the show, talking to Bengt Roslund Nils Poppe.

Category: Drama, N/A

Stars: Britta Billsten,Bo Lindström,Gunilla Poppe,Nils Poppe

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell 2016

The Halloween Nightmare is bent on conquering our waking world by crossing through the Dream Dimension, and converting each dreamer into a monster. Can Doctor Strange, Hulk and the Howling Commandos hold the line and put an end to his nefarious scheme?

Category: Action, Animation, Kids, N/A

Stars: N/A

The Workers Cup 2017

Inside Qatar's labor camps, African and Asian migrant workers building the facilities of the 2022 World Cup compete in a football tournament of their own.

Category: N/A

Stars: N/A

The Mars Generation 2017

Aspiring teenage astronauts reveal that a journey to Mars is closer than you think.

Category: Documentary, N/A

Stars: N/A

The Oscars 2017

The 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony celebrates the film industry's best and biggest in cinema for the year 2016 with host Jimmy Kimmel, including awards for best actors, directors, songs, original screenplays and motion picture.

Category: Documentary, N/A

Stars: Jimmy Kimmel

Untitled Macon Blair Project 2016

When a depressed woman is burglarized, she finds a new sense of purpose by tracking down the thieves alongside her obnoxious neighbor. But they soon find themselves dangerously out of their depth against a pack of degenerate criminals.

Category: Crime, Drama, N/A

Stars: Elijah Wood,Taylor Tunes,Ray Buckley,Michelle Moreno

7,5 IMDB Rating 2,461 Views
Inside – The Muslim Brotherhood 2011

National Geographic goes inside and undercover to reveal the secrets and inner-workings of a myriad of topics.

Category: Documentary, N/A

Stars: Nicholas Schatzki,Brett Beyer,Mark Potok,David Jeremiah

7.7 IMDB Rating 2,951 Views
Teletubbies: Stor kram 2000

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po live far beyond the mountains in a magical land where anything can happen. Among the slopes are the magic windmill that, when the wind blows, download images long distance and let the Teletubbies overcome all the kids to play. Teletubbies love dancing, and hugging, and this is a extra big hug from the Teletubbies.

Category: Animation, Family, Kids, N/A

Stars: Dave Thompson,John Simmit,Nikky Smedley,Pui Fan Lee

4.0 IMDB Rating 3,532 Views
Natten är dagens mor 1984

eater classic that was Lars Norén breakthrough. The Swedish nuclear family with two parents and two children, has always interested him. The environment this time is a Swedish-worn small-town hotels, with falling profitability. The hotel is run by a family, trying to cope with her, and survive in a field of force of internal conflicts. The year is 1956. Cast: Percy Brandt, Lena Brogren, Lars-Erik Berenett and reine brynolfsson.

Category: Drama, N/A

Stars: Percy Brandt,Lena Brogren,Lars-Erik Berenett,Reine Brynolfsson

7.2 IMDB Rating 2,569 Views
Palmer i snön 2015

Killian is a young man who has never left the remote mountains of Huesca (Spain) which saw him grow up. In 1953, he travels back to the exotic Equatorial African island of Fernando Poo, in Spanish Guinee, where he was born, to work in a cacao plantation alongside his father and his brother. During 20 years in this island, until the troubled days of independence, he will undertake a journey towards maturity and knowledge, but will also have to deal with pain and loss.

Category: Drama, N/A, Romantic

Stars: Mario Casas,Adriana Ugarte,Macarena García,Alain Hernández

6.7 IMDB Rating 3,938 Views
Ett hjärta av guld 1982

A movie based on the book Duty-Summer" by Rose Lagercrantz and about in the summer when the Tulle can be children of divorce. Starring: Liv Alsterlund (Tulle) Viveka Seldahl (Tulles mother) Krister Henriksson (Tulles father) Magdalena Ryd (Susanne) Pirkko Nurmi (Bella) Screenplay: Rose Lagercrantz Lars Sjögren

Category: Family, N/A

Stars: Pernilla Allwin,Liv Alsterlund,Rozita Auer,Sofi Blix

Körsbärsträdgården 1970

Madame Ranevskaya is a spoiled, aging aristocratic lady who returns from a trip to Paris to face the loss of her magnificent Cherry Orchard estate after a default on the mortgage. In denial...

Category: Drama, N/A

Stars: Margaretha Krook,Mona Andersson,Carl Billquist,Charlie Elvegård

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom! 2015

Get ready for the bricks to fly when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League face off against the world's greatest super villains!

Category: Animation, Kids, N/A

Stars: Dee Bradley Baker,Troy Baker,John DiMaggio,Grey Griffin

6.4 IMDB Rating 4,139 Views
Älskling på vift 1964

What happens if an ordinary housewife set up in a local Miss contest - and win? What will happen if her husband forbids her to go on to the finals in Palma, Mallorca - but she goes there anyway? Add to that when a romance between an american journalist and Japan failed with the viewfinder, a crazy girl photographer and a steady stream of bikini girls, yes then you have a given success. Involved involved makes the Hootenanny Singers, The spotnicks and other well known 60's bands.

Category: Comedy, N/A

Stars: Anna Sundqvist,Ove Tjernberg,Karl-Arne Holmsten,Arne Källerud

3.7 IMDB Rating 2,598 Views
Arne Anka – En afton på Zekes 1996

The bakfulle, skrikige and sexually frustrated brooder Arne Anka (Robert Gustafsson), which are constantly on the Zeke's tavern with a cigarette in his mouth and a large, strong hand. Where is he talking booze and sex and picking up chicks with a friend Krille Krokodil (Claes Ljungmark)! Arne Anka is a bully, driven by their sexual impulses, moreover, he is misunderstood by the world, and of the beautiful girl in the bar at Zeke's tavern ...

Category: Comedy, N/A

Stars: Robert Gustafsson,Claes Ljungmark,Robert Panzenböck,Anna Pettersson

6.4 IMDB Rating 3,295 Views
Syskonsalt 2000

The siblings Linus, 19-years-old, who are taking driving licence and Vanja, 17-years-old, who's still in school. Their mom Eva works night shift at a hotel. We get to follow them during one month. Linus and Vanja begin to realize that they are living in a universe of their own. And there is neither room for the mom or boy- and girlfriends. At first it is only the longing love in unspoken thoughts. But when thought gets into words they realize that they are each others perfect half. They are drawn closer to each other and finally can't resist the taboo temptation in each others bodies. At first they deny, lie and try to resist. It's about shame and guilt and forbidden feelings which leads to a point where everything is at stake.

Category: Drama, N/A

Stars: Lina Englund,Chatarina Larsson,Daniel Larsson,Embla Hjulström

6.3 IMDB Rating 5,768 Views